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This blog used to be a Mulan/Ping cosplay roleplay blog, but time goes by, so now it's a not-character-specific cosplay blog. I post my cosplay photos, work in progress, and other cosplay related stuff. Thanks for being awesome! Let's kick some honey buns!

He’s living his childhood dream. 

So adorable.

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I made a facebook page!!

Here it is!

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Special thanks to Ben for everything and make today super hella fun. 

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Today was a blast!! The costume stayed together well and no falling beads. Shoes was good but it’s getting tiring and just when I gave up the boots, awesome x-men people appearing!! Overall a very fun con day. 

First wolverine




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Max from Where The Wild Things Are costume (movie version) for my dear

My first time making a onesie. Definitely very challenging. Figuring out the pattern was not easy. The final result is quite alright, I’ll practice to get better, but for a first time it’s good. 


So he will be wearing this to Melbourne Armageddon on Sunday with me as Blink.

Both characters are pretty vague and the only relations we can make is that both of us will boil inside the costumes because of sunny 26 degree (celcius) Melbourne weather haha…..

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Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2014 was a lot of fun!

First time doing the latex zombie sfx thing and went quite well. Perfecting touch of Bernard and Bernadette (the adorable maggots) and many people loved them.

If anyone had photos of us, let me know :D Thank you!

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Blink’s Gauntlets: step by step process of how I made mine.

What I used:

- 3 mm thick black EVA foam

- black sticky felt

- white marker

- artificial clay, I used jumping clay

- metallic acrylic paint

- elastics

- renoir stubby gold

- UHU glue


1. Cut foam into shape.

2. Stick foam in between sticky felt, then clean the edges.

3. Stick detailed shape/ decoration using sticky felt.

4. Refine the detail lines with white marker.

5. Cut rounded clay balls in half, then paint them with metallic acrylic paint.

6. Stick the half spheres on place with glue.

7. Wait until dry, put elastic on the back for the gauntlets to hold onto your arm. You can use the stubby gold or just sew it on. 

8. Use darker acrylic paint to give the dirty/ worn out look.

This is just how I made it, I was just working with what I had at home. Hope this helps. 

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Blink’s javelins are done!

Handmade using Jumping Clay then painted and textured with acrylic paint. 

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This is the video version of the Blink cosplay preparation! 


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Blink Cosplay Preparation

My inbox doesn’t work properly so instead of replying there I’m gonna make a text post with pictures instead.

Oh hello there my dear friend! Thank you for asking!

Here’s the step by step preparation for my Blink cosplay in pictures form!

1. Prepare you face and all the flaws.

2. Put the sfx contact lenses on and basic face foundation, concealar, and powder to trick everyone that you have baby butt skin.

3. Put the wig cap on and dem slaying eyebrows, also some cheekbones and nose shading.

4. Change to the first layer of the costume and do the eye make-up (eye shadow, eye liner, fake eyelashes, mascara).

5. Put on the purple marks on the face thing with cheat template and eyeshadow.

6. Put lipstick on, I mixed black and red lipstick together.

7. Stick dem pointy ears (I used liquid latex).

8. Costume time!!

9. Wig on and you’re doooone.

10. Pose for your lifeeeeee (also I finished the javelins wooooo).

I’ll make the video version of this and post it later tonight.

Thank you!!

3Oct ♥ 49 notes

Blink make up and costume test photos! 

Happy with how it turned out! Planning to debut it at Melbourne Armageddon this October :D

Need to make the crystal javelins and I’m doooneeee 

27Sep ♥ 142 notes

Blink coat and beadings finally done!!!

Need to make the arm gauntlet and the javelins, hopefully all goes well!!

Once it’s done, will do a test with full make up :D

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Just for fun. Following the trend with a slight twist. 

Just for fun. Following the trend with a slight twist. 

23Sep ♥ 17 notes

With the addition of shoulders and elbow.

I’m running out of certain beads and zipper teeth. 

So far so good, wish me and my sanity luck.

18Sep ♥ 13 notes

My first time beading and 28 hours later. Blink right sleeve decoration is done!!

Still many many many mooore to do..

I can do this!!!

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