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This blog used to be a Mulan/Ping cosplay roleplay blog, but time goes by, so now it's a not-character-specific cosplay blog. I post my cosplay photos, work in progress, and other cosplay related stuff. Thanks for being awesome! Let's kick some honey buns!

Toshiko Sato’s necklace for Janet

Handmade using artificial coloured clay. But my painting skill needs improvement..

23Jul ♥ 3 notes

Would anyone be interested if I start selling cosplay props or just for collection of the things I made? 

If yes, what other stuff would you trust me to make (the ones I’ve done or not)?

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Here is for Josh

I forgot to put it in the drawing, but to make it more secure and not slipping off, you can put either hook or velcro on the waist insides and make sure it’s covered by the belt so it’ll look neat.

Also, the back part is just a square.

Hope it helps a bit. Don’t bother making the pants, just find a similar colour tights, I made mine without pattern and it ripped after the pose above ahahaha. 

And this is completely how I made it without pattern, so people that can actually sew and use pattern wonderfully please don’t judge or roll your eyes ahaha thank you bye.

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hi i love your ping cosplay and i was wondering if you know where in the bloody world i can get the pattern for the training outfit - sincerely me (josh)

Hi Josh, thank youuu :D! 

The training outfit is this one?

Honestly I did not use pattern at all just try figuring out how to make it, but here I make some drawing of how I make it, hope it helps..

Wait, tumblr don’t want me to upload the pic. I try posting it separately and I’ll tag you as well.

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pkpow replied to your post: Melbourne Comic Con 2014 day 1 was awe…


ahahahhaha yaaaasss <3

6Jul ♥ 1 note

Melbourne Comic Con 2014 day 2 was magical!

I was in a big Justice League cosplay group as Zatanna. A very great costume to wear in winter time, would definitely try not to do it again. It was freezing. 

By far this is my most skin revealing cosplay because legslegslegslegslegslegsbum..

I bought all the stuff, but sort of made the wand. 

Photos by my dear Harry Pooper

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Melbourne Comic Con 2014 day 1 was awesome!!

Met a lot of wonderful people and we had a great time!

First photo by Jazmin

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veraca .

veraca replied to your post: Got a pretty good wig for my b’s male …

rofl Do you just practice faces in your mirror all day xD

It’s because I can’t make normal expression for selfies ahahhaa 

4Jul ♥ 1 note

Got a pretty good wig for my b’s male dany cosplay. 

It’s supposed to be a gangsta blonde metal wig, so it came with a rad bandana. 


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Update on my Female Khal Drogo costume.

Just finished the belt and medallion.

Planning to cosplay this for Melbourne Comic Con this weekend.

Gonna be fun!!

30Jun ♥ 8 notes

Awww thank you!!!

I’m so excited to actually start making the costume :D

My next big cosplay project! 

Blink from X-Men: Days of Future Past 

Was planning to debut it at Melbourne Comic Con but who am I kidding, its next weekend and I haven’t even started.

So now I don’t need to hurry, might as well make the costume properly and make it look awesome.

These photos are just the make up test, hair and eyes are photoshopped. 

26Jun ♥ 39 notes

Tumblr Prom photobooth pics of our DanyDrogo genderbent cosplay!! 

Photos by the awesome Brett

Costumes mostly from opshops, but my top was actually the Xena top that Monty made ahahaha. We made the eggs

Male!Daenerys is my beautiful lover 

Maybe one day when we actually make a proper costume and the weather is warmer, we will wear it to a convention!

27May ♥ 25 notes

I went as Fem!Khal Drogo to Viclockians Tumblr Prom yesterday

and got voted as Prom Queen with Danny Devito cake as Prom King!

DannyDrogo ship all the way haha get it

Not a prom queen, a prom Khaleesi.. 

Here is the video of us dancing 

Photos and videos by Janet

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There are currently FIVE onesies for sale in my etsy shop! One Iron Man, and two each of Cap and Loki. 

I am unfortunately unable to make any custom requests at the moment, so this is the only way you can get a MontyinSpace onesie right now!

Please buy my things! 

(Amazing Cap Shield made by tardisguy)

This is my super awesome and lovely Monty that made my Xena under dress. 

She’s super talented and she made amazing onesies! 

I got a Thor one! Super comfy and majestic!

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